FLAX Demonstration Language Collections

Click on the FLAX demonstration resources below and link to these and more interactive digital language learning collections at flax.nzdl.org. You can also learn about the types of language collections you can build using the free award-winning open-source digital library software, Greenstone, from the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

 About FLAX  IanWitten_LC  ShaoqunWu_GP
 FLAX homepage – http://flax.nzdl.org/greenstone3/flax  Learning Collocations – Ian Witten, FLAX project leader  Google Web Phrases – Shaoqun Wu, FLAX Research & Development
 EnglishCommonLawMagnaCarta  BLaRCgetty  AgeGlobalizationmap
 English Common Law MOOC  British Law Report Corpus (BLaRC)  Age of Globalization MOOC
 354px-Copyright-serif  EnvironmentalPolLaw  bawecircle
 CopyrightX  Environmental Politics and Law  British Academic Written English Corpus
 twivblogkeep  shalangkeep  happyenglishflies
 Virology MOOC  Shalang School Digital Stories  Happy English Learning


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